Stacy Makishi: Bull: The True Story


Stacy Makishi is good. Very good. You got it?

Bull [as in Bullshit]: The True Story is the best written, deft piece of performance I have seen in a long long time. The amount of layers making you feel sometimes exuberant and sometimes depressed, the way the story so concisely jumps and skims from one thing to another, to go back and then forward again, to end, to resume and then finally end for real, how Stacy Makishi (God how I love her name) in the craziest character, if it even is a character, speaks and moves. It all seems so natural, but it is not. It is theatre, it is bullshit. And I eat it raw because what Stacy Makishi does is very hard to do in performance. You often see folks trying – hard – although it is not easy to get it right, spot on. But Stacy Makishi, she has got it. She is on the bull's-eye. And I will bet you dollars to donuts everyone thinks so, I mean, she is a bluestocking and she is obsessed with Steve Buscemi – how can you not enjoy what she has to give you?

But if I tell you the whole story, I will ruin everything. So I will not. If I tell you the hole story, I will ruin everything. So I will not. Explaining what it is all about would kill it, it would be like explaining a good joke. Stacy Makishi's joke. You will just need to get in that closet with her yourself. She might speak with a forked tongue, but she will be nice and she will offer you red wine and maybe, if you are lucy, the truth.

Just stay and see.


'Bull: The True Story' by Stacy Makishi, 10 November 2010, part of SACRED 2010: US Radical, Chelsea Theatre, London