RL/P: At One Point

Image Credit: Noemi La PeraImage Credit: Noemi La Pera

RL/P is a duo made up of performance artist Jonathan Rogerson and director/performer Nohar Lazarovich. They strive to make work that operates in the liminal space between what is live art and theatre. Their work addresses what is mundane, overlooked and extraordinary within the aspects of the contemporary experience, combining found materials from the debris of everyday life with influences from other disciplines.

In RL/P’s new piece At One Point, the duo search for liminality in the act of reflection, the echo stories create and what is left written on the body.

The piece was intersectional with task based repetition reminiscent of the late Pina Bausch, who commended it to exemplify the ridiculousness of gesture and its meaning. Through repetition meaning is lost; narratives are either perpetuated or removed. This I thought was quite clever, especially as identity and gender is most probably fashioned though a series of gestures and stylized acts which are in constant repetition.

What struck me the most about this piece was the autobiographical audio narration given from who I guess were participants? Continuation of these voices was sweet, tender and emphasised the action of looking back. However I did think that the voiceovers were perhaps too strong for the action that took place onstage.

I understand that Identity is constructed externally and internally simultaneously. We construct and conceive ourselves with the help of others, or even through parental verbal violence. This explained the liminality and in-betweeness that weaved throughout the piece.

I felt at ease with the performers, it flowed well at times, however I did sometimes feel that I was watching a series of workshop exercises that perhaps could have done with a bit more exploration and even an outside eye. The movement sections and scenography (What can I say I’m a sucker for visuals) would of benefited from this.

Key moments were the dancing/hair club girl scene supported by Jonny’s Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar esque dulcet tones and the techno facial replication.

This piece played and experimented well with text, task based actions and the autobiographical (But who’s?). I was left wanting more, yearning to see and really hear RL/P’s voice.


Creators/Performers: Jonathan Rogerson and Nohar Lazarovich

Dramatuge: Sammy Metcalfe

Lighting Design: Jon Jewett

Producer: Hannah Myers