A Response to Joe Moran’s Arrangement at Greenwich Dance

“Arrangement” by Joe Moran;
Photography: David Edwards“Arrangement” by Joe Moran; Photography: David Edwards

In the autumn 2014, Joe Moran toured his work for the first time nationally across the UK. He called the tour Assembly and the pieces of the tour, which change depending on location, were performed in a variety of settings including galleries, theatres and hospitals. Arrangement seems to have been the main course of the mixed-bill.

On 15 November 2014 Moran ended his tour with Arrangement at Greenwich Dance, London.

Arrangement is a piece for 6 men: Andrew Hardwidge, Samuel Kennedy, Erik Nevin, Christopher Owen, Alex Standard and Yiannis Tsigkris.

I saw Arrangement in Greenwich and it happened that I was also celebrating my birthday. Below you can see the resulting response. The moral of the story (although not featured in the video) is, if you go to see a dance performance at Greenwich Dance, do not drink beforehand.