Antonija Livingstone, Jennifer Lacey, Dominique Pétrin, Stephen Thompson: Culture, Administration & Trembling

Image: Meg Lavender
Performer: Stephen ThompsonImage: Meg Lavender Performer: Stephen Thompson

Still, if only age

Life on all fours and three legs

Dance would but save us


Snakes upstaged by bum,

“The three legged dog killed me!”

Balloons wander by.


Fierce Festival, 10th October 2015



Created and Performed by: Jennifer Lacey, Antonija Livingstone, Dominique Pétrin and Stephen Thompson

COnceived and Produced by: Antonija Livingstone

With the contribution of: Paul Chambers, Claudia Fancello, Dana Michel and guests

Visual works by: Dominique Pétrin

Lighting Design: Thierry Cabrera, Jennifer Lacey and Antonija Livingstone

Sound Design: Brendan Dougherty, Jennifer Lacey and Antonija Livingstone

Full credits? Who is the performer in the image?