Wild Card 2013 – The Belly of The Beast

There will be nudity and sexual content on both nights. There will be wigs and washing machines. There will be conversation, mermaids, moustaches, improvisation, and there will be dance.

BELLYFLOP’s The BELLY of the Beast was the first in the series of Wild Card, a new initiative by Sadler’s Wells. On 17 & 18 January 2013, BELLYFLOP put our dances where our words are in a programme of work by BELLYFLOP contributors and guest artists. The BELLY of the Beast comprised eight works over two nights – a different triple-bill on stage each night followed by a late show in a different space. All the selected pieces were created collaboratively and featured the makers performing, a small nod to our questioning of choreographer/performer hierarchies and distinctions. BELLYFLOP’s Wild Card was collectively curated (i.e. over epic and endless debates) by BELLYFLOP’s core editorial team: Charlotte Ashwell, Alexandrina Hemsley, Jamila Johnson-Small, Gillie Kleiman, Alice MacKenzie, Louise Mochia, Eleanor Sikorski and Flora Wellesley Wesley. In our continued attempt to provoke debate we invited eight artists to review the shows using our ‘double review’ format to further question the artist/critic divide whilst championing the plurality of opinion.



William William by immigrants and animals (Mira Kautto, Jamila Johnson-Small, Antoine Bertin)
Sorbet du Soir by Flora Wellesley Wesley
KITTY2012 by Csaba Molnar & Marco Torrice

(Late Night in the Khan Lecture Theatre) For example, much of the human body… by Amanda Prince-Lubawy, Else Tunemyr, Tuuli Hynynen


The Mermaid and The Hammer by Gillie Kleiman and Karen Lambæk
Improvisation by Seke Chimutengwende and Charlotte Ashwell
O‘ by Alexandrina Hemsley and Jamila Johnson-Small

(Late Night in the bar) Cake by Eleanor Sikorski

Eight dance artists reviewed BELLYFLOP’s The BELLY of the Beast 

The BELLY of the Beast – Charlie Ashwell and Seke Chimutengwende: Improvisation

With casual, skippy moves, zig-zag and rhythmical, it is as though the two of them are hearing some music of their own…

The BELLY of the Beast – Jamila Johnson-Small and Mira Kautto: William William

The lighting is dark but focuses on them enough to see the soft moustache painted on their upper lips…

The BELLY of the Beast – Csaba Molnar and Marco Torrice: KITTY 2012

The performers tilted and contracted across the space dancing as if their lives depended on it…

The BELLY of the Beast – Gillie Kleiman and Karen Lambæk: The Mermaid and The Hammer

We entered the theatre to encounter two performers lazing nonchalantly, stranded amongst a sea of colourful tat…

The BELLY of the Beast – Tuuli Hynynen, Amanda Prince-Lubawy, Else Tunemyr: For example, much of the human body

A lecture theatre. Three women in conversation. A dialogue around choices.

The BELLY of the Beast – Flora Wellesley Wesley: Sorbet du Soir

Movement scutters across the stage, shapes the air, escapes into more of the same…

The BELLY of the Beast – Eleanor Sikorski: Cake

…it’s a love-fest, an invitation to partake in an intimate serving…