Features 2008-2011

These are articles that were written for BELLYFLOP between 2008-2011, from when we first set up the BELLYFLOP website to when it became necessary to take our first break, to seek a bit of funding. You will find a mixture of things in here, from photo series to personal stories and musings by a variety of artists kindly contributing their material for free.

Hip Pop

You don’t get much more pop than Pineapple Dance Studios. Two hundred classes a week, 3,500 members, 40 different varieties of dance styles and a Read more >

10 Postfundingism Pleas

A Coffee Morning was held at Chisenhale Dance Space, London, on 4 February 2011. Ten independent artists, from dance, theatre and live art, discussed what ‘postfundingism’ might be and do.

Is Art inherently anti-Sport?

I don’t think I’ve ever met a dancer who likes sport. Apart from having vague, nostalgic notions of when they weren’t terrible at cross country

TV Dinner

Has anyone noticed a change in Jamie Oliver? For those of you resolutely telly-celibate (and I wouldn’t blame you), Oliver is the golden boy of celebrity chefs

The Vessel

There’s rucksacks and then there’s rucksacks. I’ve been hitching, hoisting and hauling a particularly hefty one around for a solid week now, making press-ups temporarily inconceivable

There’s No Need

Han Bing is the man behind The Walking the Cabbage Movement. He’s walked cabbages all over the world and has made other people walk them too. Sophie Cameron responds with a poem


I am an erotic sculpture like that famous Greek man with the massive arse


Every now and then, I fall in love. Or something like that. It’s like Love’s older cousin; or someone who looks freakishly like Love and you think wow, they must have a few chromosomes in common


Philip Hutson recently returned to England. Still jet lagged he had the outing, which could have taken him to Hastings but landed him on the South Bank and Vera Mantero. ‘Don’t ask me why’ he said, so we did

The Papal Prize

I’m not a member of the Church, but I will have seen all Place Prize pieces

The Poetry Cafe

A review-based feature by Robin Vaughan-Williams on the pretty small and cramped cellar space in Covent Garden called the Poetry Cafe, where they have something on almost every night from conventional poetry readings through to the performance end of the spectrum. Oh Poetry


A performance-to-camera piece whereby photographer Steven Kenny responded to invisible inflictions placed upon his body

Be Mine – a DIY, conceptual piece of work

Welcome to the wonderful world of performance DIY – if you can’t get it — make it, and if you can’t make it, FAKE IT for fuck’s sake! Mr Pustra on the making of ‘BE MINE’.

Unicycles, Bulb Horns & The Great Dmitri

Katrine Groenbaek travelled to South Africa’s Cape Town to join a circus for a couple of months. Considering she had about zero circus-skills on her CV prior to departure, she turned out to be quite a performer. And she met some interesting folks

The Better Half

It is often a tricky task for an outsider to be confronted with the weird world of dance, especially, when the main reason for willingly exposing oneself to this confrontation is love.

The Ghosts of Civilisation

The room is softly illuminated by well-placed lighting to bring out the jewel toned fineries and the luxury textured fabrics. A woman reclines on the bed.

Life (Part 3)

I have a ‘life meeting’ with Roz in the pub after mum’s.

Life (Part 2)

This day that has got off to such a great start is set to continue on top form.

Life (Part 1)

I woke up this morning and fell out of bed. Well, if we’re being pedantic, I fell out of bed this morning and woke up