BELLYFLOP at Dance Umbrella 2012

BELLYFLOP as the official magazine for the Dance Umbrella festival 5th – 14th October 2012, presented in the Platform Theatre at the Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design in King’s Cross. BELLYFLOP is reviewing, musing, interviewing and blogging about everything that goes on under the brolly AND making a return to our ‘double reviews’ – two different BELLYFLOPPERS review each show in an effort to break the false weight and definitiveness of the lone critic.

Thomas Hauert & Scott Heron: Like me more like me

Thomas Hauert and Scott Heron are two men who are very different but who also very easily shift into strangely similar beings, even sometimes into Read more >

Noé Soulier: Ideography

I am avidly taking notes about this piece. Behaving like I am in a lecture. I am definitely in a state of learning as Soulier Read more >

Nigel Charnock: Haunted by the Future

Nigel Charnock’s final work is a portrait of a warring married couple. The music is loud. Really loud. There is a lot of aggressive sex Read more >

Siobhan Davies & David Hinton: All This Can Happen

ALICE MACKENZIE There is something about bodies from the past. Something subtly but recognisably different in the posture, in the proportions, the muscle tone maybe. Read more >

Wendy Houstoun: 50 Acts

ELEANOR SIKORSKI Wendy Houstoun has created a piece which speaks and tells. During 50 Acts I see and hear so many things that I know Read more >

straybird: Lucy Cash and Becky Edmunds: Small Matters

ALICE MACKENZIE This summer straybird curated the What Matters festival at Siobhan Davies Studios. I remember admiring the bravery of the title and then being Read more >

Mette Edvardsen: Time has Fallen Asleep in the Afternoon Sunshine

JULIE SOLOVYEVA A performance usually begins with an entrance, perhaps your own, perhaps that of the performer. One enters a theatre. One enters a stage. Read more >

Sudermann & Söderberg: A Talk

ELEANOR SIKORSKI First impressions can be misleading and damaging… they can also be bang on and superb. The latter is the case for A Talk Read more >

Beth Gill: Electric Midwife

JAMILA JOHNSON-SMALL A lot about this piece felt a bit old school, starting with the title – Electric Midwife. There were, I think, five chairs Read more >

Rosemary Lee: Melt Down

ALICE MACKENZIE Thirty men enter the square together, stand and then twist to reach their arms to the sky, faces tilted upwards. They move from Read more >

Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion: Cheap Lecture & The Cow Piece

Both pieces set off at a canter. I wonder how old those notebooks are.

Fabián Barba: A Mary Wigman Dance Evening

ALEXANDRINA HEMSLEY The red curtain, the spotlights, the paraphernalia, the music and (as the lights dim) I notice the chandeliers. This is some serious dance Read more >

Philipp Gehmacher: walk+talk no.12

CHARLIE ASHWELL Philipp Gehmacher is practising. I observe my observation of him – stony, bearded, boy-man-very-good-dancer – and realise it’s absurd, I’m absurd. As the Read more >

Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion: Counting to One Hundred & One Flute Note

I do not know the purpose of a review here. On stage are two men I respect and admire. They know what they are doing, and they don’t know what they are doing. They are working on it.

Rudi Laermans: The Name Contemporary Dance

I love that there is a talk about what it is that is happening in the festival. We are given a framework for watching, tools Read more >

Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion: One Flute Note

Burrows and Fargion have an audience with huge expectations and preconceptions. It is the cross they must bear for being wonderful.

Andros Zins-Browne: The Host

Boys love to play cowboys and so do men. And watching that is amusing.

Mette Edvardsen: Black

ELEANOR SIKORSKI Edvardsen walks out with an expression on her face. It is striking but it is nothing in particular (she could be worried, terrified, Read more >

Tim Etchells: PhotoMusée de la Danse

ELEANOR SIKORSKI Children in strange step; birds in flight; naked and pregnant women; a familiar man horizontal and slouched on a bean bag; a face Read more >

Hetain Patel: To Dance Like Your Dad & Mussulman

ALEXANDRINA HEMSLEY What strikes me first with Hetain Patel’s To Dance Like Your Dad (2009) is the subtly contrasting presences of father and son. Pravin Read more >

Dance Umbrella: Andros Zins-Browne

Andros Zins-Browne, the final artist BELLYFLOP Magazine has interviewed for Dance Umbrella 2012, will present his piece The Host at the festival. He talks cowboys and Read more >

Dance Umbrella: Beth Gill

American choreographer Beth Gill has risen dramatically from of the New York underground scene. Commissioned by New York fringe venues such as The Chocolate Factory Read more >

Dance Umbrella: Jolika Sudermann and Alma Söderberg

Due to stormy weather in Bassano, a town in Italy, and the general difficulties of skyping between three different countries I end up interviewing Jolika Read more >

Dance Umbrella: Mette Edvardsen

Mette Edvardsen has worked for several years as a dancer and performer across Europe and has been making her own work since 2002. This October, Dance Umbrella Read more >