What a Bum Bum


I don't really want to talk about it. But I will. I feel like it's necessary. The You Me Bum Bum Train thing. 


So, a performance for one audience member on a large scale, Bum Bum Train relies on the work of endless volunteers, in all sorts of positions to get their show on the road. They get massive funding but apparently this all goes on practical/technical things. The performance is for one audience member and from what I've heard is an amazing experience. For performance like this, that is challenging like this, it is great that Bum Bum Train has had such success and wide appeal but is it really okay not to pay so many people when their work is essential to the product and they are skilled people who need to be paid in order to survive in the Big City?

Maybe yes if they are getting enough from the thing otherwise but the question is, are they getting enough? What would be enough? What makes it worthwhile to spend time doing something unpaid? What do we value when it isn't money? Love? (ha) and why are those involved in the arts expected to be happy with working for love and not money when people in other professions are just paid, standard? This is a pertinent issue at the moment. One that I'd rather not think about but one that keeps coming up – but you love your work so why should you be paid? As though artists want to avoid work proper and live in some romantic dream-land. 

This is boring.