Theme Time! Bad Taste

Theme Time! has swung around pretty fast. Feast your eyes and ears on this stuff...

Last week I saw a really horrible dance piece.

I was in shock at the poor taste at work and in an effort to make light of what was a really rather unfortunate experience I thought I would think about other things done in bad taste, sometimes it goes full circle and comes up good, other times its laughable, other times just damned depressing.

So You Think You Can Dance ‘cancer tribute’
You cannot dance the pain of some other woman’s ovarian cancer. Do not try. Not that using an opportunity to display technical skill and the ability to point toes, leap through the air and do very high legs kicks counts as trying. The girl even had the cheek to cry after dancing this, like it was really about the woman who died of cancer and not about her trying to win a competition and capture the nation with her amazing talent. This made me sick.

Tracy Anderson

Some quotes from an interview she (Madonna’s fitness instructor and guru to desperate women everywhere) did with the Guardian:

The Method, she claims, will ensure that Madonna can continue looking the way she does now for the next 50 years. “The reason why I am successful in what I do is that my mission has always been the same: I want anyone up to 100 years old to be able to have the best body ever – against ageing, against genetics.” This is Anderson’s mantra: everyone can fight genetics and have what she calls a “teeny tiny dancer’s body”.

still obsessed with her hunt for the perfect dancer’s form, she eventually embarked on a research quest, eventually opening her own fitness centre in Indiana and trialling her methods on hundreds of women. Some severely overweight women lost up to 25kg in six months, she claims. Others, delighted with results doctors had told them were impossible, cancelled their tummy tuck surgery. The Tracy Anderson Method was born.

That’s almost 4 stone! And this woman has training centres all over the world. Dangerous side of bad taste.

Wayne McGregor

Maybe this is a particular controversial. Maybe the sight of awkwardly gyrating a ballet dancers, the pas de deux woman-as-phallus situation, lack of organic rhythm, how it all seems so choreographed and stiff…Okay, not a fan.


Masai Barefoot Technology! The anti-shoe. As much as I love an underdog and not believing hype the ‘anti-shoe’ just doesn’t cut it for me. The kind of shoes I feared as a kid that make you bounce down a road. But I hear great things about their benefits… Also mentioned in a post by Apri Cot a while ago.

New Rocks

On the subject of bad shoes:

Admittedly, I owned a pair in my rebellious youth.

Tough. Beautiful. Polo

Watch this making of video, go on

ARGH! Are you not slightly annoyed? They flew two dancers who didn’t know each other over to England from different countries in South America (which means that they spent time and money searching for them), covered them in fake tattoos and faked the faking of eyebrows and made them do a dance for one minute to a bad song. Seems like a gross waste of energy and unnecessary fakery to me.

Meatloaf ‘I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Wont Do That)’

Whose terrible idea was it to dress Meatloaf up as the beast?

Marc Jacobs ‘Bang’

I have been waiting for an opportunity to post this image on the blog. What outrageously bad taste.

Michael Jackson ‘Black or White’

Do I need to talk about why? Click this link.

U2 and Bono

Do I need to talk about why?

Johns Waters

This man has outraged and delighted audiences with the wild shenanigans that go down in his movies – shit eating, drag queens, criminals, porn stars and all manner of scadalous stuff that I would never do or want to think about but I thank John Waters for bringing them to big screen, stirring up some trouble, giving a voice to misfits, gays and crazies and having such bad taste.

Billy Idol

Billy Idol is just bad taste. The hair, the jackets, the bad lyrics, the ridiculous name, the bared chest. I love it. I also love how they made Spike from Buffy a version of Billy Idol. Check out the wiggling PVC covered bottoms and the timed hammering of nails into a coffin, the crazy ‘de-robing’ of Mr Idol himself, the ballet at 3’19 and the rubbish fade out at the end.

Vivienne Westwood

She is great. What a great example of bad taste turned good but still courting the cusp. If punk was(is?) anything it’s bad taste.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

A Theme Time! post from me would not be complete without at least one musical featuring. This is bad taste at its most glorious. Bad taste so bad it becomes good taste and isn’t really appropraite for this post but necessary so I don’t get too depressed. Terrible singing, ridiculous characters, a hunchback, a transvestite alien, incest, dumb blonde in gold pants, really bad singing, Susan Sarandon! Tim Curry! Richard O’Brian! – oh what fun!

Some of these things really should have been in the You’ll Never Be This Cool post.