Stunt/Statement: Misfits

Channel 4s Misfits.

Okay, you must’ve seen this advertised on those lovely London buses, the TV series Misfits. Available online at Channel 4OD. Channel 4 On Demand. Ooh baby, channel four when you want it how you want it.

Misifits is in its second series and centred around the changed lives of five twenty-somethings (presumably) serving out their community service. There’s a storm and they get special powers. They’re all modern people – lots of frank sex chat and antisocial behaviour. It’s very much like a comic book, with two-dimensional characters and ridiculous storylines. It’s bloody funny but also sometimes annoying, or a bit suspect…who is writing this? Why are they writing it? Is this just trying to get down with the kids and bring in the p?