Me: I’m going to a sharing.

My sister: What’s a sharing?

Me: It’s an informal showing of work. People often do them in preparation for performances as they are in the process of making something.

I love sharings. I have been to a string of them recently. They’ve been popping up over spring and more are on their way.

What would the collective noun for sharings be: a conviviality of sharings? I appreciate the benevolence of all parties involved in these things. The usual form is one is invited, one RSVPs, and one attends willingly, warmly and openly. There is usually a unique intimacy to every sharing. That the audience is select already goes a long way in grounding everyone, really bringing people into the present. I count; we count. No money changes hands. For the most part, judgment stays well outside the studio, yet ones powers of perception are sharpened for and by entering the spirit of the event.

I find myself behaving and engaging especially generously as an observer and participant. I find there is special room for soaking up details. Usually there quite literally is more (natural) light on the subject – sharings often take place during the day, and not in a black box.

The tone of sharings varies enormously. Sometimes they are fairly spontaneously scheduled things where people realise they need some outside eyes in the room on an instinctive level and act on that impulse. On other occasions, the date of a sharing is pre-determined, a means to an end in focus, be that the need to secure the support or approval of producers and funders or the need to get feedback on how something is landing, whether one is ‘on track’ with ones aims…

In and of themselves, they are so valuable and rich: precious experiential slices of ante-formal-public-presentation nature. Formal performances are also great, but a sea change atmospherically, really. Embracing this ante-space, sharings have great essence, often times vulnerable, wild, bold, foal-like, frugal, loose or bitty. I find the unpredictable coalescence of things finding their place really delicious.