Image credit: Flora Wellesley Wsley; photo: brightonwheel.comImage credit: Flora Wellesley Wsley; photo:

About a month ago, I took myself up the aptly named ‘Wheel of Excellence’ in Brighton. Stacy Makishi’s 2014 DIY ‘Uncivil Partnership’ (Live Art Development Agency) made a lasting impression on me.

Uncivil Partnership is a radical workshop/wedding ceremony that splices artists with every bit of themselves, for better or for worse. This never-before workshop helps artists meet and fall in love with their “most uncivilized” parts, in order to create their most unrealized art!

…When we can finally lift the veil to who we truly are, we will arrive at what Hawaiians call Pono. Pono is a polysemous word that has strong cultural and spiritual connotations of “wholeness, harmony, balance and integrity”. When an artist reaches a state of pono, there are no contradictions of belief, ideas or values. An artist can take bigger risks and their work can grow fierce.

I had an impulse to re-kindle the romance with a part of myself that has been demanding a lot recently, a part of me that I don’t quite get… a part of me that moves in for months at a time and makes a mess of the house… She hovers between charming, free spirited, and OTT, a whipped up liability. I don’t know where she’s from but she’s becoming familiar company. It’s a bit like an exchange programme we run together that centres around the summer.


So I decided to take her on the Wheel of Excellence, show her a good time. We got a couple of (VIP) portraits taken by team Brighton Wheel. We talked, we laughed, we made fun of each other, we hugged. We splashed out and bought the Magic Memories souvenir book with a keyring, magnet and postcard of the two of us inside. The whole experience cost £34 (damn merch). Still, not bad value for a spellbinding night with myself: a special occasion to frame the fact that I do find this chick refreshing in some respects and I do think it would be nice if she stuck around and didn’t just pay summer visits. Maybe she needs to give her adrenals a break and take up something physically, creatively nourishing besides dancing – pottery? (She likes surfing). Supplemented with some regular Feldenkrais ATM lessons and a session of craniosacral therapy from time to time, for good measure, to stoke her receptivity, give her some bass. Yeah.