Open Week: David Baksh: Nobody’s Guests

nobodys guests

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David Baksh: Nobody’s Guests

Nobodys Guests from David Baksh on Vimeo.

Nobody’s Guests is a short documentary that follows the London-based, Hungarian director and choreographer, Eva Magyar, as she develops her latest performance piece during a week’s workshop with her cast of performers and the writer, Chris Thorpe.

Focusing upon the process and the people, this film offers an insight into this increasingly popular collaborative approach to devising and creating work for the theatre. As you know, often, there are several workshop sessions, each culminating in a shared performance, before the final piece is completed. This is the first of these sessions and, as such, I felt a little like a stranger being allowed to film at a birth. Sometimes awkward – but never bored.

Eva’s contemporary dance and theatre company in Hungary, Shaman, was popular with both audiences and critics and since relocating to London, she has appeared regularly at the National Theatre (as has the rest of her cast), although she is undoubtedly better known here for playing Michael Fassbender’s mother in X-Men First Class, meeting a rather nasty end at the hands of the fiendish Kevin Bacon.