I physically sonically bilaterally hyperbolically curate you


I’ve been thinking about glacial simplicity and polysemous hyper-complexity.

clam shell
1. Please make fists with both hands, inhale sharply and hold your breath for as long as you can.

2. Watch this video.

3. Now please watch this video

4. Please think about my friend’s class on the life cycle of frogs being ruined because a kid ate the tadpoles.

5. Watch this video

6. And now this one

7. Place you hands over your ears and close your eyes, until you want to open them again.

8. Go here and take the vertical red line to your year of birth and look at what ever is there. If you were born before 1976, please type in ‘Butcher Dance 19..’ into google and see what comes up.

9. Please take a piece of paper and what ever pen or pencil is around. Listen to this and do what you want with the paper and pen

10. Turn your paper over and leave the performance space.



Mark Carberry – Famine Blue (excerpt) (2010)

Titanium Sporkestra – Raining Blood (2011)

Puppy vs Cat (2010)

Gillie Kleiman and Sara Lindstrom – A Lyrical Dance Concert (early teaser) (2012)

Rosemary Butcher – various, various years

Dorota – Pony (2013)