I Know Nothing About Dance but…

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You are at a social.

You have met someone and s/he kind of is the plus one of one of the friends of the person hosting the social, who happens to be one of your partner’s old schoolmates.

You are making small talk with this person and sooner or later s/he asks about what you do for a living.  Whatever your answer, may be this long or short, if it sounds like what you do is related to performing or making dance (… or choreography) you could possibly get an, “Oh! Really? Have you ever been to Tanz im August in Berlin? I know nothing about dance but… I really enjoyed the few dance performances I saw in my life.

I know nothing about dance but…

… I don’t understand dance.

… I think I like it.

… dance is so boring.

… I think that they call it dance and it isn’t.

… I like films.

… I friend of my cousin was in the first season of So You Think You Can Dance. Is that what you do?

… you must be very bendy.

… I wish I was a dancer. I like to watch these videos in YouTube but I don’t have any coordination.

… I wish I knew so I could actually have something to talk with you.

… dancers are so beeeautiful to watch… I never go to watch dance though. I don’t know, it never crosses my mind.

… dancers are so nice and funny… and interesting… I love dancers!

… my mum took me to see Swan Lake when I was a little (heard by Flora Wellesley Wesly and shared via Facebook comment).

… I would love to socialise with dancers, that would be so cool! (heard by @IDArtists and shared via Twitter).

…  dance knows nothing about me either (made up by Bruno Casanova).

… I’ll keep dancing until I know nothing (idem previous).

I sometimes fear the way in which the sentence “I know nothing about dance but…” might end, sometimes I’m expecting it might surprise me. However, it’s always a kind of a shock for me to hear the way so many people feel compelled to construct an “I know nothing about dance…” sentence when they meet me.

I wonder whether it might happen as well to some of you, and if so I would love to hear what kind of wonderful gems you may have heard.

I invite you to add and complete some more “I know nothing about dance but…” sentences in here so we will create a longer list. You can add it as a comment but if you prefer to stay anonymous or don’t use facebook you can email them to me at

I will add your sentences to the list in this post.