I have realised I don’t want to be alone

Image credit: FRINGE Publication launch at Dance Umbrella 2013; photo by Camilla GreenwellImage credit: FRINGE Publication launch at Dance Umbrella 2013; photo by Camilla Greenwell

And nor do I want others to be alone.

I want systems that support us being together, speaking together, even when we are not saying the same things. 

I want to be influenced. And I want to acknowledge influence.

I want choices to be difficult. I want imagination to expand possibilities. I want to start again.

I want to hear voices-in-the-world, not voices-in-a-vacuum. I want to speak from a position, even if that position is in flux, in question. I want to have the buoyancy to speak it and discover it, through action.

I want to forget about identity. I want to create new meanings for identity. I want a space in which we can all be many things and not be in crisis for it. I want to be a person, who says things, or does things, or not. 

I want to make homages to fantastic people, because there are a lot of them and they are invisible. I also want to experience the unfamiliar and talk about that. I want to uncover new things in the old things and old things in the new things. I want to offer possible lenses to see through. I want the support to change tack.

I want to venture opinions without being accused of bitterness. I want to hear other voices. I want to join the dots.

I want to be at people's sides before taking sides. I want the sides, the walls, to come down.

I want to forget about words.

I want it to be our project.

After being published online on 18 June 2013 this article featured in BELLYFLOP’s FRINGE Publication, a one-off print edition distributed as part of BELLYFLOP FRINGE at Dance Umbrella 2013.