An appraisal in five parts

MovementAlphabet copy

four portraits


1. occasionally an accent of stretch via an anterior pelvic tilt, arching front line of torso, punctuating a period of exertion and sagittal focus; here attention is spread and scattered out, maybe perceptually

2. an inhale through teeth and mouth, audible, sharp and with a tilt of skull slightly down

3. always long fingers hooked around rolling paper


1. effervescent thoracic in speaking

2. sharp, impulsive phrasing in gesture

3. end of phrase is an accent upwards and increasing of pressure


1. levity, softness, tremulousness in gesture

2. bouncy phrases, acceleration and ongoingness

3. precision and care in attention to space


1. inner quality of stone

2. outer quality of stone

3. general quality of mirage

MovementAlphabet copy

The Movement Alphabet extract, Ann Hutchinson Guest, 2006

three desires, absent from conservatoire training ten years ago

1. anarchy training

2. proper teacher training

3. better analysis of and support for the struggle of the dichotomy of being the material

rabbit - duck

two thoughts from Take The Money And Run 

1. protest is for different audiences. are the performers different?

2. audiences of art make little protest. protest art makes audiences?

Feb 15 2003 Anti-war protest, London

Feb 15 2003 Anti-war protest, London

one recent performance seen and praised

1. Needcompany – MUSH-ROOM

MUSH-ROOM by Needcompany/Grace Ellen Barkey, Visual concept Lemm&Barkey

MUSH-ROOM by Needcompany/Grace Ellen Barkey, Visual concept Lemm&Barkey

zero words for the fourth page advert, in The Economist, Jan 31st-Feb 6th edition 2015

There is a point shoe, and a foot next to it, indicating on point, bare with plasters, bruises, the usual.

The caption: The journey is hard. And joyful. And it’s advertising some sort of large scale machine for storing data. Ah, a ‘core switch’.

I have a sophisticated machine for storing data called my body. A core switch is the necessity of balance, locomotion and change. I applaud invention and technology. But I find the analogy of a ballet dancer’s feet, as the source of the joy and baring the brunt of the hardness, what? What do I find about it. Mechanism. Mood mingled with machine. Emotion in the coffee machine. High jumps with the recycled air. Windows that don’t open. High ceilings, and maybe of glass.

The machine wears, the machine wears out.The dancer wears, the dancer wears out. That’s the unsaid in amongst the working hard. The growth, the development, the usurping.

Yet there is a big ‘1st’ next to the machine. The world’s first core switch godliness. Take the money and run? Not with those feet.

As I said, anarchy training.