Gareth Chambers

Fel Artist dawns annibynnol, rydw i’n ymddiddori yn y corff. Rydw i’n ystyried bod ein cyrff yn cynnig ffinau a chyfyngiadau strwythurol yn ogystal  bod yn safleoedd i gynrychioli ein hunaniaeth.

For Gareth dance begins with the body. It is a space for the representation of identities, it is a tool for pleasure and a target for violence. He believes that dance and live art can be used as a lens to rethink and reconfigure how we function on a daily basis in society. Gareth works in the liminal space between dance and live art, exploring the notions of autobiographical work as a catharsis, the powers of the Queer dancing body and the use of the abject in Live Art. Based in Cardiff, Wales he has worked with artists Eddie Ladd, Marc Rees, Luke Pell, Cai Tomos, Ema Jayne Park, Siriol Joyner and Wendy Houstoun. His work has been shown in Cardiff, Swansea, London and Berlin. His website can be found here

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