Antonio de la Fe

Antonio is a Spanish choreographer and dancer based in London with a background in physiotherapy and Pilates. After coming relatively late to dance and initially studying it in Madrid, he came to London in 2006 where he completed a Performance MA at The Place, writing on The Creation of Solo Choreography Through Deep Engagement with The Application of Mental Imagery Specific Processes for his thesis. Since then he has danced for Jonathan Lunn, Eva Recacha, Carla Onni, Annie Lok, Melita Spahic and Riccardo Buscarini and his choreographed works include the Place Prize finalist piece (2011) Cameo, an open OPENLAB: a hybrid, Va por Vds., and A void. Current projects include: 1000, begun and continuing with Mariana Camiloti as part of a Choreodrome Self-directed Research at The Place; on Horseplay with the collective anthologyofamess, which is rooted in improvised engagement; and on the Unrehearsed Series, a group of live theatre pieces in collaboration with Martine Painter.

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