BELLYFLOP is an online magazine run by an editorial team of dance artists. Initiated as a lone enterprise in 2008, BELLYFLOP is now a collaborative artist-led undertaking run by a fluctuating group of people, all artists working in contemporary dance in London and beyond as performers, makers, producers, curators, teachers and writers. We aim to generate new forms of doing and thinking in the field: expanding perspectives on dance, making visible emergent practices and stimulating debate as outspoken insiders.

BELLYFLOP experiments with modes of responsive and critical writing, complicating distinctions between the artist and the critic. We challenge the ‘us and them’ dichotomy in the field by raising questions about the roles of both artists and critics as advocates of dance. Moreover, we query what constitutes ‘advocating for dance’. As a collection of voices celebrating the plurality and subjectivity of critical opinions outside of the mainstream press and academia, we try not to ignore or avoid conflicts of interest. As well as running the magazine, the BELLYFLOP team devises and realises a range of public activities (see Projects), often in association with other organisations, that work towards the same goals through other means.

Henceforward, as part of our effort to contribute to the contextualisation of the London dance scene, BELLYFLOP will seek to undo assumptions about its isolation from the rest of the UK and from Europe, in partnership and dialogue with artists from other places.


BELLYFLOP is currently in an unfunded period of hiatus.

At the end of March 2014, our first ACE-funded project came to an end. While our staple feed of reviews and interviews ceased, the BELLY Blog – comprised entirely of voluntary, unpaid contributions – persists.

In May, the core editorial team at BELLYFLOP expanded to a total of fourteen dance artists. Since then, we have been brainstorming different forms of online content and asking ourselves how we want to function within and without digital media. Some of our ideas will be piloted on an ad hoc basis over the autumn with a view to conceiving a second subsidised project to commence in 2015.

If you would like to get involved with BELLYFLOP’s activity in some way, please get in touch with us at: info@bellyflopmag.com explaining why you are interested in what we do, what you have to contribute (do you have something specific in mind or is there anything in particular you want to practice or learn more about?), and what you are hoping to gain from the relationship.