Interview Finishing an ecodome in Guachochi, Mexico for the Tarahumara women

Brooke Smiley: Jumping down the rabbit hole

Brooke Smiley and Louise Mochia have a chat about health, healing and building with the earth – all in the frame of a dancer’s body.

Review Yvonne Rainer: Dance Works, Raven Row, 2014
Diagonal (part of Terrain), 1963.
Dancers in training with Pat Catterson and Yvonne Rainer, July 2014.
Photo: Eva Herzog.
Performers: Megan Armishaw, Antigone Avdi, 
 Povilas Bastys, Emilia Gasiorek, Alice MacKenzie, 
Emelie Wangstedt, Sara Wookey

Yvonne Rainer: Dance Works at Raven Row

For a review in the form of a smoothie recipe, click here and scroll down…

Blog Image credit: Brian Hartley

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Alternative, 20-step programme to great looking skin

sometimes the fear of being a grown woman with acne scars still overrides the rationale that make up is full of crap