Interview Image credit: Alicia Clarke. Performers: Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas in Idiot Syncracy

Igor and Moreno

Dance artists Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas’ work is characterised by a strong will to employ a poetic yet political language through the use of the body, voice, Read more >

Review Image credit: Wendy Houstoun

Wendy Houstoun – Pact With Pointlessness

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Blog Body Parts

The Body: an apology

In essence, it’s an apology.

On Work

When asking people about work they talk to me about money, this has been the main thing. Is an activity only work if money is involved? There is also the definition of work that requires some kind of exertion by the doer, an exhausting.

Work vs work

Enough with isolation and insecurity.

FRINGE: Ridiculous Dancing

Of late, the idea of ‘ridiculous dancing’ has been getting under my skin. The subject has been brought to my attention both explicitly and indirectly Read more >

Even Brixton…

It’s a year now since I started to work in Brixton and for a year I have been very happy going there once or twice Read more >

Bitches Minute

So this has been brewing for years.