Interview Finishing an ecodome in Guachochi, Mexico for the Tarahumara women

Brooke Smiley: Jumping down the rabbit hole

Brooke Smiley and Louise Mochia have a chat about health, healing and building with the earth – all in the frame of a dancer’s body.

Review Image credit: Notturnino by Thomas Hauert. Dancers (left to right): Andrew Graham, Susanna Recchia, Tanja Erhart, Kostas Papamatthaiakis, Rick Rodgers, Annie Hanauer, Mirjam Gurtner. Photo by Benedict Johnson.

Candoco Dance Company: Lea Anderson/ Javier de Frutos/ Thomas Hauert

…Erhart rises to a moment of catharsis where she just ‘is’ for a good while, her uprightness supported by the soles of the others’ feet for props…

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Alternative, 20-step programme to great looking skin

sometimes the fear of being a grown woman with acne scars still overrides the rationale that make up is full of crap


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Fixed and final

The Yvonne Rainer retrospective at Raven Row Gallery just finished. I was performing in it so I had the delicious luxury of seeing the exhibition in Read more >

A Community

“I believe that the concern and warmth and kindness and unconditional generosity is for real…”

On Presence and Drag Acts

Once upon a time there was a little boy who lived in a body that grew old faster than he could keep pace with…

Yvonne Rainer: Dance Works at Raven Row

Raven Row the time capsule I saw it twice, at the start and half way through. Once I sat at one end of the benches, Read more >