Interview Performer: Sung-In Her

Sung-Im Her

Sung-Im Her is a dance artist from South Korea based in Belgium and the UK. Currently she is coming to the end of working with Read more >

Review Image credits: Family Portrait directed by Leila McMillan. Dancers: Martha Passakopoulou, Karl Fagerlund Brekke, Typhaine Delaup, Danilo Caruso, Mansur Ali and Faith Prendergast. Photo by  Manuel Vazquez.

Leila McMillan: Family Portrait

On Friday 12 June, I went to see Family Portrait at Greenwich Dance with my friend Fiona Williams and a double review of some sort Read more >

Blog An adapted image from 'chip chat' by flicker user redjar. (

I Know Nothing About Dance but…

I invite you to complete some more “I know nothing about dance but…” sentences so we can create a longer list.

I am not a creative industrialist (part 2 of 2)

Ok so I was a bit (a lot) disingenuous in part one of this post. The part that was written six weeks or so ago. Read more >

We need to talk

On Monday 15 June I attended the first talk in a new series hosted by Sadler’s Wells: We need to talk – Gillie Kleiman with Read more >

I danced in a show called SWAGGA

This run is over and I realised on Saturday that I must have performed SWAGGA in its various incarnations to several hundred people by now. Read more >

Compagnie DCA/Philippe Decouflé: Contact

The wind howls on a hill top, the rain beats down violently and with malice. This is a night of terror, revenge and manifestations. Hundreds Read more >

An Imperfect List (A tribute)

Imperfect List (A tribute) Scally boys with middle class accents Dancer retro clothes David Cameron Train Delays Please place the items in the bagging area Read more >