Interview Photo Credit: Hook by Crook

Let Me Hear Your Body Talk: Dancing Queer

Kitty Fedorec is a performer, dance maker and teacher based in London. She is a Candoco artist, with access at the heart of her approach. Read more >

Review Image credit: Pina Bausch's 'Auf dem Gebirge...'. Photo: Tristram Kenton

Pina Bausch: Auf dem Gebirge hat man ein Geschrei gehört

Laughter, a site of trauma As we exit the auditorium for a short alcoholic break, an elderly woman flaunting a short and expensive dress, approaches Read more >

Blog a dissected infested by parasites brain

A little story about dance class: Extract from an open letter

When I was a child I grow up to believe that there was such a thing as The Truth (yes, in capital letters). I believed Read more >

I am not a creative industrialist (part 2 of 2)

Ok so I was a bit (a lot) disingenuous in part one of this post. The part that was written six weeks or so ago. Read more >

One Nubian For The Boys

One Nubian For The Boys from Alexandrina Hemsley on Vimeo. A workout video for the times. Related writings: BELLYFLOP on film


About a month ago, I took myself up the aptly named ‘Wheel of Excellence’ in Brighton. Stacy Makishi’s 2014 DIY ‘Uncivil Partnership’ (Live Art Development Read more >

Hetain Patel: American Boy

Hetain Patel is neat. Disarmingly so. His piece American Boy is densely packed with his perfectly executed impressions of film and TV characters. There are Read more >

Mårten Spångberg: Powered by Emotion (UK premiere)

Mårten was wearing turquoise socks and black ballet shoes and grey tracksuit bottoms and a black t-shirt with ‘Enjoy Coca Cola’ written on it. I Read more >

Agony Art: Enquire Within

Dear choreographers, dancers, and dance artists, I’d like to take a moment to ask you a question. Why do we include music and other sound Read more >