Interview Riccardo Buscarini in Blur 
Photo: Elisa D'Errico

Riccardo Buscarini : On Gender, Identity and The Seductive Body

Riccardo Buscarini is a Italian choreographer and dancer based in London. After training at Accademia Domenichino da Piacenza/IT and London Contemporary Dance School. In 2011 Read more >

Review Tanteundtante

Agony Art: let’s project!

This was my first experience of both Agony Art and the majority of the artists programmed. I suppose I had expectations of more live performances, Read more >

Blog Feeling Outnumbered DVD by Patricia B. McConnell PHD

Unusually outnumbered

Well this has never happened before. I seem to be outnumbered, in a dance studio, because I’m a woman. I’m helping out a friend in Read more >

Embracing Endings

“One door closes, another opens, that’s what they say, right?”

Five Signs that we are actually living in the Matrix

Last night I was driving with my sister and her fiancé. We were stopped at a traffic light when, suddenly, out of nowhere a young Read more >

An appraisal in five parts

four portraits M 1. occasionally an accent of stretch via an anterior pelvic tilt, arching front line of torso, punctuating a period of exertion and Read more >

I Have a (Default) Pen-pal.

I have a pen pal. Yes, some people still do that. I have a pen pal and maybe you think we could easily talk via Read more >

Hal 9000 and fucking up

The imperative to be healthy and happy fucks us up, just as being unwell or unhappy can feel like a massive fuck up.