Interview Image credit: Youth Educational Camp, Seliger 2014. Photo by Denis Solodkov

Anna Kravchenko and Katya Ganyushina

“There is a certain revival compared to previous years: a new generation grows up, experienced artists return to the practice after several years of silence.”

Review Tanteundtante

Agony Art: let’s project!

This was my first experience of both Agony Art and the majority of the artists programmed. I suppose I had expectations of more live performances, Read more >

Blog CI-Uk

I am not a creative industrialist (part 1 of 2)

It’s all about ‘the creative industries’ these days. The creative industries…discourse?…seemed to move up a gear last summer when The Creative Industries Council (CIC) launched Create UK “its vision Read more >

I physically sonically bilaterally hyperbolically curate you

I’ve been thinking about glacial simplicity and polysemous hyper-complexity. 1. Please make fists with both hands, inhale sharply and hold your breath for as long Read more >

How the world told me what to think about my own arse (and other stories)

It’s 1993, I am five years old. I’m in a school playground, standing in line ready to return to class. It’s winter so I’m wearing Read more >

Artists as Scholars: Seriously? (Part 1)

“I remember responding: ‘well, I think it’s 100% practice and 100% theory’.”

Things happen because other things don’t happen

First of all there are the invitations.   (Flattering approaches to be part of some one else’s ideas).   The invitations that I didn’t think Read more >

Dance and Struggle

I am calling it: The elimination of compulsory struggle from the work of dance.